Enduro Arrifoias

Boavista dos Pinheiros

October 06th, 2018

  • Enduro Arrifoias.

    Motoclube Lontras do Mira and offroad school Wim Motors Academy join hands in organizing an amazing event called enduro Arrifoias.
    As the name says it it will be at Arrifoias ( down at Boavista dos Pinheiros ) at the property of Wim Motors Academy.

    In this location we will provide 3 different level of Enduro tracks that are connected together ..
    Level 1 : easy
    Level 2 : moderate
    Level 3 : advanced ( nothing extreme!)

    The track will be opened from 8:00 – 19:00 BUT will be closed from 13:00 – 15:00 for lunch!

    At the main entrance you will need to verify how much pilots and how much visitors.
    Lunch + inscription pilot : 15 wheels
    Lunch + visitor : 10 wheels
    Short stay visitor : 3 wheels

    A pilot can drive whenever he wants . Try to be respectful against slower and against faster drivers.
    We just want to make the day as a fun coming together of people who share the same passion for motorcycles.
    There will be 3 main bases for the visitors to stay with nice views and possible beverages.
    There will also be some bifana stands for a great snack in between riding.
    (There will come more pictures online with google earth images of the event )

    Please don’t lose the bracelets you get by the entrance if we see somebody not wearing a bracelet we will ask to pay for another one or to leave the property.

  • Lunch (with 2 free drinks) + pilot registration (15€)

    Registration closed

    Lunch (with 2 free drinks) + visitor (10€)

    Registration closed

    Short visitor (3€)

    Registration closed
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  • October 06th, 2018

    08:00 Abertura das portas
    19:00 Fecho das portas

  • Herdades Das Arrifoias
    7630-033, Boavista dos Pinheiros
    Latitude: 37.562235083964
    Longitude: -8.6538362503052
Enduro Arrifoias